As an ex teacher, with the arrival of the school holidays I have such a strong memory of the joy of that first evening after the last school day. You get home and the next 6 weeks stretch ahead with a sense of excitement and freedom that just fills your soul to overflowing.

Many friends and colleagues have asked me if I will miss the long holidays now that I am no longer a teacher, and the honest answer is – no! I no longer work the way that I did as a teacher and I do not need the holidays in the way I did before.

Teachers work to the limits every weekday (and many weekend days too), for the duration of every term. 60 -70 hours a week is standard! They NEED those 6 weeks to recharge their batteries, restore relationships with partners, children, friends and family. They need time to plan ahead, have some brain space to reflect and think strategically and they need to relax! They also need to book all those appointments that they could not fit in during the school term, including doctor, dentist, hairdressers etc.

Teachers, you do an amazing job! Enjoy the break and make the most of every moment without feeling guilty or thinking too much about when you can next go in to school to catch up with all the work you still need to do.  Accept that you have earned this time to simply ‘be’. If you are still not convinced, then consider how important this is if you are to properly serve your children and communities when September comes around again. It’ll be before you know it, but for now, this is your time!

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