As an ex teacher, with the arrival of the school holidays I have such a strong memory of the joy of that first evening after the last school day. You get home and the next 6 weeks stretch ahead with a sense of excitement and freedom that just fills your soul to overflowing.

Many friends and colleagues have asked me if I will miss the long holidays now that I am no longer a teacher, and the honest answer is – no! I no longer work the way that I did as a teacher and I do not need the holidays in the way I did before.

Teachers work to the limits every weekday (and many weekend days too), for the duration of every term. 60 -70 hours a week is standard! They NEED those 6 weeks to recharge their batteries, restore relationships with partners, children, friends and family. They need time to plan ahead, have some brain space to reflect and think strategically and they need to relax! They also need to book all those appointments that they could not fit in during the school term, including doctor, dentist, hairdressers etc.

Teachers, you do an amazing job! Enjoy the break and make the most of every moment without feeling guilty or thinking too much about when you can next go in to school to catch up with all the work you still need to do.  Accept that you have earned this time to simply ‘be’. If you are still not convinced, then consider how important this is if you are to properly serve your children and communities when September comes around again. It’ll be before you know it, but for now, this is your time!

When you are at the bottom, the top seems like a long way up – a long way away from where we are.

But if we appreciate how small each step is and focus only on each one, one at a time, the top comes into view with more ease. And along the way, the success of conquering each small step is a joy that we repeat over and over again!

Coaching can help us to focus on how to create these small steps that lead to huge successes.

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A wonderful child gave me a jar of quotes, one to be opened each day. I have tipped them into a glass bowl in my office and I love seeing what each day brings!

So quote for the day…

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”

So true! Here is a great book that brings this approach to life: ‘One Small Step Can Change Your Life’.

I have just started reading it and the introduction alone has made me rethink! Enjoy!

Do you say to yourself “Someone will find out how rubbish I am one day” or “There’s no point in me even trying, I won’t be good enough”.

What does self-doubt offer you?

Perhaps it gives you a reason to stay in a safe place, to not take risks so that no-one will be able to ‘catch you out’? Perhaps it makes life easier in the short term? Less effort, less fear and less chance of failure? Nobody could tell you that you are not good enough if you are not doing anything!


What about all your dreams? What about the life you really want and deserve?

As Gandhi said: “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results”.

Think about the next chapter of you your life, what will it look like? You are the author of your future, what will the next page say?
Start with one sentence today, a small step towards the next chapter. What will you need to do, who will you need to be to make your life happen?

Pick up the pen!