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As an ex teacher, with the arrival of the school holidays I have such a strong memory of the joy of that first evening after the last school day. You get home and the next 6 weeks stretch ahead with a sense of excitement and freedom that just fills your soul to overflowing. Many friends […]


When you are at the bottom, the top seems like a long way up – a long way away from where we are. But if we appreciate how small each step is and focus only on each one, one at a time, the top comes into view with more ease. And along the way, the […]

Quote of the day

A wonderful child gave me a jar of quotes, one to be opened each day. I have tipped them into a glass bowl in my office and I love seeing what each day brings! So quote for the day… “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” So true! Here is a great […]

Ever have moments of self-doubt?

Do you say to yourself “Someone will find out how rubbish I am one day” or “There’s no point in me even trying, I won’t be good enough”. What does self-doubt offer you? Perhaps it gives you a reason to stay in a safe place, to not take risks so that no-one will be able […]